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Our Workshops

Inspire Urself Carnival Troupe hold weekly carnival costume workshops in the run up to our carnival season, within these workshops volunteers and artists work together to create costumes for our yearly theme.

Education and mentoring is provided through out these sessions to give volunteers and young people the knowledge to create high quality costumes made for young people.

From late 2019 Inspire Urself Carnival Troupe will be offering young people the opportunities to achieve Dance Leadership and Arts Awards. This we will be offered through our Develop, Achieve, Inspire Project.

Session are held at a local venue around the city to make it accessible to all and involves adults, teenagers and children.


Inspire Urself also delivers high quality workshops and inset day training to schools across the East Midlands. Sessions cover a range of carnival arts from costume making to carnival dance. Recent areas covered are Hull, Derby, Spalding, Nottingham and Malton. 

Costume & Back Masterclass

The group also  delivers​ high-quality master classes to share skills with other creatives, teachers and groups. Sessions are provided at a cost and are shaped around an individual groups needs or a individual theme. Session are often delivered as intensive courses where participants can become confident and able to produce high-quality carnival art for themselves. Please get in touch if you are interested in us providing you organisation or group with a Masterclass 

Dance Master Classes 

Your dancers have been working well. They are learning the right techniques and are progressing nicely. You know they need that extra push, that little bit of inspiration to keep them engaged and to re-ignite their passion. The troupe delivers dance workshop masterclasses all year round, A typical Masterclass usually lasts for 90 mins. In that time your students will learn the foundations of Carnival Soca style of Dance. They will learn what Carnival is and the importance of it’s history.







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