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Nottingham's National Touring Carnival Troupe

Inspire Urself Carnival Troupe

While maintaining that everything from costume design to production, marketing team to the musical entertainment, remain authentic to our theme's, Inspire Urself Carnival Troupe is committed to offering a environment of Family – familiarity, comfort, diversity and safety – the Ultimate Carnival Road Experience. A “small troupe size with a big troupe vibe”, is Always our type of Mas.

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2017 - Egyptian Mythology


Inspire Urself made its debut for Nottingham Carnival with Egyptian Mythology . Small in number, but big on vibes and feathers, we made our presence known as an all-inclusive troupe offering a different style and quality of costumes giving our adults and young people something to relate to. Supported by Arts Council England winning best stage performance at Nottingham carnival, 1st Nottingham Queen and 2nd EMCCAN Queen.


2018 - Aztec Playmas

After a very successful and strenuous post touring season, Inspire Urself Carnival Troupe invested in our new motto free up and have some fun. So we painted the Streets in costumes of red, yellow, purple and blue  with our presentation of Aztec's Playmas — bright, glowing in the dark and jump up soca!

Also winning EMCCAN - Carnival King 2018, Nottingham Carnival King 2018 and 2nd Leeds King 2018.


2019 - Pure Imagination


Inspire Urself Carnival Troupe exploded on to the 2019 carnival scene with their biggest carnival tour 2 date. Funded by Arts Council England, the troupe opened Wonka's Chocolate Factory introducing us to a world of Pure Imagination. The troupe brought the colours of Mardi Gras to the UK carnival road with large costumes based on Willy Wonka, Wonka's beloved mother and The Heart of the Story. Achievements - 2nd EMMCAN Carnival Queen Show, 1st Nottingham Queen, 3rd Leeds Queen Show. Nottingham Carnival Stage Performance 2nd Place, Nottingham Carnival Overall 3rd Place

Pure Imagination Launch JPG.jpg

2020 - Wonka's

Inventing Room (Online)


Carrying on from the 2019 theme, A World of Pure Imagination, Inspire Urself did there first online carnival with Nottingham Carnival. Introducing Wonka's Inventing and bring the sweets to life through 4 different medium backpacks with 2 small extra's. 2020 was a small, but exciting year due to Coronavirus pandemic. This seen our 2020 touring season cancelled and most carnivals taken online featuring live DJs, virtual parades, fitness online and more. Supported Nottingham Online Carnival 2020 & Leeds Online Carnival 2020.

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