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Inspire Ur Self Dance Arts Event is a organisation set up to benefit young people within the areas of dance, arts and events. As a group we stand to encourage artistic excellence through education and creativity by providing young people with creative and dance led opportunities.


Inspire Urself Dance Arts Events has become a role model of good practice within the carnival arts sector and shares development and progression opportunities to other carnival troupes and young people around the country. Inspire Urself Carnival Troupe have become recognised on a national level for displaying outstanding talent within costume design, making, dance and music genre through our first class carnival tours supported by local and national funders. Through our years with have established partnerships with non-arts organisations to give carnival a new platform to demonstrate magnificent costumes and performances from our troupe and others.



The Choreography Team provides young people and adults with the opportunities to create routines and teach the art of dance. Our team aims to develop dancers, focusing on key features such as technique, energy and facial expression to deliver show-stopping performances through arts and dance led education. A major feature of the Choreography Team is delivering a range of dance workshops. From teaching choreography to other carnival troupes (e.g. Zodiac All Stars Carnival Troupe and East Midlands Carnival Arts Network) to leading workshops in schools and with the general public. 

IUS - Inspire Urself Carnival Troupe

The carnival troupe is Nottingham's only national touring carnival troupe giving young people opportunities to pursue there interests and passions in dance, carnival and fashion/costume design. We provide carnival sessions in the areas fashion/costume design, dance and volunteering all in one. As a group we stand to encourage education in the community by providing professional dance classes, Backpack workshops, fashion design and volunteering opportunities, qualifications (Arts Awards and Dance Leadership) to young people and adults. Within all the above one our main aims is to show the young people the roots of carnival and give them a big understanding of why and what it means to take part in "CARNIVAL". This project is supported and fund by Arts Council England, John Lewis Partnership, Inspire Urself Dance Arts Events and Nottingham City Council.
IUS - Inspire Urself Dance Captains
Inspire Urself Dance captains are inspire urself carnival troupes main support in dance sessions and at parades and carnivals. 
Our Dance Captains are responsible for overseeing and maintaining the artistic standards of all choreography, mentoring and leading parades within the carnival troupe. They work closely with the Choreography Team and Band Leader to communicate and preserve the artistic vision of the Inspire Urself Dance Arts Events.
EMCCAN - East Midlands Carnival Arts Network
Regional Support Carnival Organisation
EMCCAN supports and encourages better practice and increases artistic and management quality for East Midlands Caribbean carnivals and provides leadership to the wider carnival sector. The Directors of emccan comprise two volunteer representatives from each Carnival and four independent members and the organisation is supported by Chief Executive, Donna Fox, based at Sneinton Market in Nottingham. In the last few years, emccan has successfully become an Arts Council England national portfolio organisation and is established as a not-for-profit community interest company.

Solomon Hunter 

Band Leader


The reason why I do this, is to give back to the local community. Without groups like ours there wouldn't be projects available for young people to take part in, which encourages them to take their next steps in to their chosen profession, whilst doing something they love. The name Inspire Urself say's it all because our motto is Develop, Achieve and Inspire.


Anya Bartholomew 

Head Captain 2019

"Being head dance captain seriously pays off. It's a wonderful opportunity because you learn how to lead the carnival troupe, mentor young people to become better dancers within sessions and at carnivals, It's a really important position, especially if you're interested in something further in the artistic or choreographic world."

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