You could make an amazing difference at Inspire Urself Dance                                                                   Arts Events helping support young people in the areas of dance                                                                 and carnival. If you have talent from costume making to dance                                                                 leadership we may have a role for you within the group. We                                                                       welcome and value every volunteer, from all walks of life.

                                                              Our Activity Facilitators support the group by facilitating and                                                                     supporting the group within dance sessions, arts workshops and                                                               trips. We want you to bring your own interests and skills to                                                                         engage the young people in activities such as dance sessions,                                                                     costume workshops, dance showcases, carnival touring, social                                                                   activities




Kennedy Hunter - Volunteer Costume Artist

“I think one of the best bits about volunteering is meeting lots of different people and knowing that creating a positive impact is key to the groups success. I find it really rewarding when young people come to me with ideas they might have for a the project, and I help by being able to make it happen through support and mentoring . I always learn a lot from volunteering for the group 

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a volunteer and we will email you a volunteer application form. After your application is received and a background screening will be completed.